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Website Development, Editorial Strategy
Creating an editorial-style website to deliver engaging content across tourism, community and economy.

The City of Logan is home to many success stories. Equipped with an in-depth analysis of the city’s perception and current communication channels, we assisted in devising an editorial strategy and website that would provide the community with a platform for sharing these stories, empowering them to shape their own narrative. Enter:

It was our great pleasure to develop 'Our Logan', an entirely new digital community-building platform. This highly accessible, engaging and informative website empowered the City of Logan to connect with community members and media professionals alike, to amplify the many good stories that this exciting city has to tell.

Our Logan - City of Logan Council Website Design

Community News

This striking, dynamic website features excellent accessibility integration, a media portal, and an engaging, user-friendly design and functionality. Our Creative Director and Head of Strategy delivered the City of Logan rebrand and the Proud City Campaign, while Lance Montana played an integral part in the editorial and organic social media strategy.

As a follow on from our editorial strategy recommendations, we built an editorial-style website featuring engaging, informative and entertaining content celebrating these local successes.

The “Community News” is the backbone of the editorial strategy: a sophisticated, class-leading resource for journalists and the community alike to access news, press releases, videos and more – straight from the source.

Here, readers can find everything from local success stories, to current news, council initiatives, holiday activities, tips, tricks and more – easily updated as required by the council’s editorial team.

Accessibility Function

Our cutting-edge accessibility feature empowers individuals with visual impairments or reading difficulties to customise their viewing experience according to their specific needs.

In every website we design, we prioritise providing an exceptional customer experience and making it accessible for all. In this instance, we meticulously designed user interface functionality to ensure that our feature sets a new standard in inclusivity.

Our commitment extends beyond compliance, as we have ensured that our solution meets or surpasses W3C standards across various screen sizes. From accommodating visual impairments to facilitating language translations, ‘Our Logan’ stands as a beacon of accessible news, ensuring inclusivity for all.


Our Logan - Website Accessibility Function
City of Logan Council Website Design and Development

Custom Ad Platform

We built a customised, highly sophisticated ad platform. With this innovative solution, we were able to provide our clients with complete autonomy over their ad content, including the timing, placement and specifications of all ads that appear on their website.

City of Logan – Proud City

Our Creative Director, Lloyd, and Head of Strategy, Sam, are behind the repositioning of the City of Logan and produced this award-winning video as part of their strategy to empower Logan residents to stand proud in being a little rock ‘n’ roll. The City of Logan epitomises authenticity, diversity, and realness, Lloyd and Sam brought this to life through powerful imagery, music, and language that challenged stereotypes, invoked a sense of pride, and invited others to dig deeper. Want killer content like this? Drop us a line.

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