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Our partnership with Brews News began with reimagining a huge website from the ground up; a website that reflected journalist and founder Matt Kirkegaard’s passion for the brewing industry and maintained the trust that Brews News had already built through editorial. The result? A world-leading platform that’s redefined the online experience for beverage enthusiasts worldwide, unlike any other in terms of information and functionality.

UI/UX Design

This extensive hierarchy system allows B2B users to quickly and easily find specific content amongst the thousands of articles and content pieces hosted on the site.  The content is highly interlinked in the website’s database so that the most relevant content is served to users each time they visit the site.

Brand Identity

Our mission was to conduct a comprehensive overhaul of Brews News’ brand identity, ensuring that every touchpoint reflected the new direction and aesthetics of the brand while also fostering a sense of cohesion across all collateral. This involved refreshing all brand materials, including business cards, internal documents, reports, and email signatures.


In the core operations of Brews News, email marketing has played a pivotal role in communicating the latest industry news and offering businesses the chance to secure premium advertising spots through sponsored placements. Lance Montana took on the task of redesigning Brews News’ weekly email blasts to seamlessly align with the refreshed website and brand.

Custom Ad
Management System

We created a sophisticated, fully-customised native ad management system similar in scope to the industry-leading Google Ads for Publishers. Our custom system means BrewsNews can offer onsite ad campaigns to its partners, targeting specific content with specific-sized ads across various formats including HTML5, while including detailed granular tracking for ad campaign reporting and management.

Dynamic Brewery Map

This dynamic, interactive map is a physical brewery database that allows users to navigate Australia’s brewing landscape and view detailed listings.

Custom Podcast Player

We developed a custom podcast player that allows users to tune in to three distinct streams of podcasts directly from our platform.

Brewery Scorecard

We also developed a dynamic scorecard that presents key, state-specific metrics on breweries, including breweries per person and dollars invested.

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