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Planet Fitness is a powerhouse in the fitness industry, evolving into one of the largest operators of fitness centres across the United States, Canada and Latin America.

In 2019, the first Australian club opened in Gosford with plans to bring a minimum of 35 clubs across the country over the next several years. Since its launch in Australia, Planet Fitness’ mission has always been clear: to redefine the fitness landscape by offering an affordable and inclusive gym experience. With memberships starting as low as $5 a week, the brand aims to make fitness accessible to all individuals, regardless of their fitness levels.

The Challenge

Adapting its U.S.- centric brand message to resonate with an Australian audience and establish Planet Fitness as a recognisable and relatable fitness option across multiple states in Australia.

The Solution

Planet Fitness approached Lance Montana in 2019 to spearhead the digital support for its expansion across Australia. Our strategy was to offer a comprehensive marketing service to grow membership numbers and establish the brand’s identity in the Australian market. Lance Montana played a pivotal role in propelling the expansion from 3 clubs to 20 clubs between 2019 and 2023.

Digital Advertising

With the primary goal of driving membership sign-ups, we implemented a full-funnel digital advertising strategy across Meta, Google, Programmatic Display (Criteo), and Pinterest. 

Our strategy consisted of geo-targeted ads tailored for each stage of a club’s lifecycle: pre-sale, now open, steady state and regular sale periods. We created a diverse range of ad concepts, visuals, & messaging, ensuring an engaging presence across all platforms.

Our approach to each club’s presale strategy began with meticulous research and insights into the location, target demographics, and a comprehensive analysis of key competitors’ digital marketing footprint.

Meta Ad Reach
Meta Tracked website leads
Google Ads Tracked conversions
Google Ads CTR
Meta Link Clicks

Brand Video

In 2022, Lance Montana took the lead in conceptualising & executing a national video campaign for Planet Fitness to establish the brand’s identity as the go-to gym for everyday Australians. 

All aspects of the project were executed and managed in-house, including scriptwriting, costume & prop sourcing, directing, sound design and editing. Additionally, we managed the production of the brand’s audio sting, skillfully created by the award-winning Brisbane-based artist, Ack Kinmoth.

The campaign’s core tagline, “I just want a gym that doesn’t feel like a gym”, sought to highlight the brand’s unique and inviting atmosphere, differentiating it from the conventional gym experience and appealing to the everyday person looking for a more comfortable and non-judgmental workout setting.

We officially launched the brand video campaign in mid-November 2022 on Connected TV platform, Criteo, for all club locations, and later in 2023 on Meta.

Criteo views at a completion rate of 98% in December 2022
$ 39
Average CPM across the campaign in December 2022
Meta Ad Reach across all clubs
Meta Video Plays Over 200,000 across all clubs
Meta Link Clicks across all clubs

Website Design & Development

With an established multi-regional site driving membership sign-ups, Planet Fitness recognised the necessity for a localised website that would resonate with an Australian audience and maximise member engagement. In response to this need, our team designed & developed a new website aimed at actively engaging and nurturing prospective members. Additionally, we enhanced the online membership sign-up process via a two-way API integration with the membership management system, Perfect Gym. Planet Fitness’ Australian website has achieved and maintained an outstanding 99.9% uptime, ensuring consistent accessibility & providing a seamless experience for potential members.

Users between Jan and Oct 2023
Users and sessions up

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