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Website Development, Advertising
Website development, ASX data integration, lean-coded animations, robust web security, and seamless self-hosted videos.

Our remit for Alpha HPA was to develop a slick, high-tech website that reflected their position as a leading provider of High-Purity Alumina to tech industries. We crafted a super sleek, custom package, that seamlessly merged cutting-edge aesthetics with highly sophisticated, custom functionality.

Lean Code

We employed lean-code to elevate Alpha HPA’s website aesthetics and functionality. The use of lean code ensures a lightweight and efficient website that loads quickly and smoothly across various devices. With the implementation of excellent animations created by our friends at Goliath, we achieved a motion graphic driven website without compromising on performance.

ASX Integration

Alpha HPA’s website incorporates live ASX data directly sourced from the Australian Stock Exchange, a pivotal element of its investor-centric strategy. This real-time feature not only offers investors up-to-the-minute financial information but also elevates the credibility and transparency of Alpha HPA. The smooth integration of ASX data underscores our dedication to keeping stakeholders informed by reinforcing trust in their financial stability.

Styling live ASX data on a website poses the challenge of integrating real-time financial information seamlessly into an aesthetically pleasing design while maintaining data accuracy.


Immersive Experience

In enhancing user engagement, Alpha HPA’s website boasts self-hosted videos for unparalleled smoothness and control. By self-hosting videos, we ensure optimal streaming performance, eliminating reliance on third-party platforms and potential disruptions. This not only results in a seamless and immersive video experience for visitors but also provides Alpha HPA with greater control over content delivery.

Cyber Security Brisbane

Sophisticated Cyber Security

We implemented our innovative security measures, encryption protocols and data monitoring to safeguard the validity of financial information that is displayed. Our sophisticated layers of protection prevent unauthorised data manipulation and reduce the threat of cyber attacks.

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