Bridget Wood



Branding, Website Design & Design, Organic Social Media, Digital Advertising & Partnership
Website design & development and digital advertising support for one of Australia's premier lifestyle and portrait photographers.

Bridget Wood is highly sought after in Australia’s lifestyle and family portrait photography scene, boasting partnerships with esteemed brands such as Country Road, Mukti Organics, Vogue, Elle, and Conde Nast Traveller. Alongside her thriving photography business, Bridget now shares her expertise with aspiring family photographers, offering courses focused on building a lucrative photography business. To bolster her digital presence in the education space, our mission was to create a brand that aligned seamlessly with her existing photography business, design and develop a fully customised website, and execute an organic and paid social advertising strategy. Our relationship with Bridget extends beyond client services, working collaboratively to deliver exceptional photography and videography services for local and national lifestyle brands.

Bridget has an innate ability to evoke emotion and nurture connections with every single frame. Our challenge was to mirror this with a digital space that provided a seamless customer journey while showcasing Bridget's unique perspective and passion for storytelling.


Digital Footprint Amplified

We crafted a custom-built website and new branding collateral, and executed strategic organic and paid social campaigns to attract prospective clients to Bridget Wood Education.



In our efforts to position Bridget Wood as the leading authority in launching a family photography business, our primary objective was to provide a suite of services aimed at amplifying her digital footprint. We crafted branding collateral that aligned seamlessly with her existing photography brand while also standing as an independent entity. The website’s design functions as a digital hub for accessing both free resources and paid courses with ease. In anticipation of the website and course launch, we closely collaborated with Bridget to strategise organic and paid social campaigns aimed at attracting potential clients to her new website and cultivating high-quality leads.

Collaborative Project: Wynnum Plaza

Lance Montana and Bridget Wood collaborated on a multi-day complex shoot for Wynnum Plaza’s seasonal ad campaign, capturing visuals at various locations in Wynnum. Lance Montana managed pre-production and shoot coordination, while Bridget handled photography and editing, resulting in a seamless and visually compelling campaign.

Collaborative Project: Avène

Lance Montana partnered with Bridget Wood to capture beautiful poolside visuals in support of global brand Avène’s new Sun Care Ambassador campaign featuring Australian Olympic swimmer Cate Campbell. The photography and video footage of Campbell centered on promoting sun safety and showcasing Avène’s Aqua-fluid SPF50+ sunscreen.