What is This Weird Alien Language? Web Developer Brisbane Speak Decoded

What is This Weird Alien Language? Web Developer Brisbane Speak Decoded

Is this what it sounds like when you have a conversation with a web developer Brisbane?

It can be hard to get your head around all of the technical web jargon out there, here are a key terms and what they mean:

Domain name: The address of your website, eg.

Server: This is where your website files are stored. It can sometimes also be referred to as 'Hosting'.

Name Servers: Every domain has to point to a server so your web browser knows where to go, this is achieved by setting up the Name Servers for the domain.

IP Address: This is the physical address of the server your website is on, currently it is in the form of numbers separated by dots, eg.

DNS: Or 'Domain Name System' is where all of the Domain Names are connected to their IP address, sort of like a telephone exchange.

MX Records: These records are the address to where your emails are stored, sometimes they can be on the server itself, or sometimes externally such as GMail or Outlook.

Database: The Database is where all of your website data is stored, example, pages, blog articles, products, etc.

Codebase: This can also be referred to as 'Website files'. It is basically what makes your website function.

A website is made up of a team of multiple services coming together to get it online, if any one of the items become unavailable then the website can become unresponsive. Here is the flow of how a website is displayed to you once you have entered the address into your web browser:

Browser Address => DNS => Server => Website Generated via Codebase and Database => Back to Browser.

A website page is generated every time a request is made to view one of its pages so it is important to keep the codebase and the database running efficiently so that it doesn't slow down the server with multiple visitors.

At Lance Montana, we try and make it as easy for you to understand as it is for our web developer Brisbane experts. All of our websites are very efficiently built with speed and optimal efficiency in mind.

By Pav KR | 29th November, 2016

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