Why You Can’t Leave Video Marketing Out of Your 2018 Strategy

Why You Can’t Leave Video Marketing Out of Your 2018 Strategy

Like Taylor Swift and hilariously unsubstantiated news articles, video marketing is slowly but surely taking over the Internet. Cisco estimates that video will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic by 2019. And according to Hubspot, the typical organisation now publishes 18 videos per month – which is more than the standard blog posting schedule! Here are the reasons for your business to jump on the bandwagon.


Content Marketing Is Diversifying

With so many new formats for content consumption emerging, the field of content marketing needs to diversify to catch up. People are using their phones, computers and TVs to consume content on Google, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest and beyond. Which means that solely focussing on blog content won’t cut it anymore.

Marketing teams should look at hiring or outsourcing people with talent in video production and editing, content optimisation across platforms, photography, graphic design, social media strategy, analytics and reporting, and content distribution and promotion. Comprehensive, rich marketing strategies are the only way to go.


Video Content Is Real

In the era of staged, sponsored posts by career influencers, people are starting to feel like social media has lost its much-loved authenticity. But with video, heavily-edited photos and seemingly perfect settings are left behind in place of more real, transparent and interesting content. Where a photo tells a thousand words, a video tells it all.


People Will Remember the Message

As a rich form of content, anyone could guess that video is an effective medium for storytelling. But exactly how effective is it? According to strategic consulting firm Insivia, viewers retain 95% of a message they see in a video, compared to only 10% when they see it in text. Those sort of numbers are hard to ignore when you’re trying to communicate brand values or product selling points.


As For 2018 Video Trends?

As for the trends we’ll see in 2018’s video marketing? With more people watching video on the go, muted videos and mobile friendly content will continue to be fundamental. And with consumers seeking transparency, we’ll be seeing more and more businesses incorporating live video into their repertoire. And for the brands truly on top of their video game, we’ll start to see glimpses of 360-degree video and VR this year.

But while it’s great to be aware of trends, they certainly aren’t the be-all and end-all. It’s much more important to do your research, delve into the data and decide which video marketing trends will further your business goals.


Need Help with Video Marketing?

Keen to see the benefits of video marketing for yourself? Our team of video production experts can help out with everything from creative direction, scripting, location scouting, shooting, editing, distribution and media buying. To get started on your 2018 video marketing strategy, get in touch with the team at Lance Montana.

By Pav KR | 24th January, 2018

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