QuickByte: Brilliant WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Marketing

QuickByte: Brilliant WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Marketing

Quick Byte

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Announcer: Welcome to the “Quickbyte Podcast,” your five-minute digital dose of tech news and tips and tricks for digital first marketing. “Quickbyte” is brought to you by Lance Montana, a digital marketing agency based in Brisbane, Australia.  

Man: Welcome. I’ve got Grace right with me. Hey, Grace.  

Grace: Hello! 

Man: Today we’re talking brilliant WordPress plugins to improve your marketing. So disclaimer. We don’t like plugins at Lance Montana at all. We’re all about lean coding, making sure a website is as fast as possible. However, there are certain times when using a plugin just makes total sense because somebody has already built this tool in a lean coded fashion and there’s no way you can replicate the performance in any kind of short amount of time or financial investment. So one example of an excellent plugin for WordPress which is totally worth your while is Yoast. Grace, I know you’ve used Yoast a lot.  

Grace: I love Yoast. It’s brilliant.  

Man: Yoast is the Holy Grail of SEO plugins. Pretty much every WordPress website that Lance Montana pushes out has Yoast installed as a standard on launch. So what does that help us do Grace?  

Grace: Yep, so Yoast is a really helpful tool that’ll pop up in the backend of your website or the CMS. So when you’re editing a post or a page, you can pick a keyword for that post or page and put it in your little Yoast field and then you can optimize all your content really easily and you can also add in things like page titles, metadata, your slug as well, really quickly and easily.  

Man: My slug. It sounds slimy. But yeah. So essentially Yoast is a shortcut to be able to pop in custom page titles, metadescriptions. It’s got this pretty cool traffic light system, doesn’t it, which gives you a very quick analysis of the search engine optimization health of any page or post on your website. Okay, cool. So Yoast, number one, Holy Grail, well done Yoast. Just get it happening. Another plugin deserving of a shout out is WP SEO Structured Data Schema. This is slightly more intense, a little bit more involved, a little bit more technical. Grace, tell us about structured data. What is it?  

Grace: Yeah. So we’ll definitely cover this topic in detail in one of our longer podcasts, but basically, if you want your site to be performing well from a search perspective, having it marked up with all of this rich structured data is very important. But if you’ve ever looked into adding this type of data to your website, you’ll know that it can get very confusing very quickly and that’s especially for anyone who isn’t a web developer or familiar with code language. So we tested a couple of plugins to see how people could add this really quickly and easily and WP SEO Structured Data Schema was definitely the best. It’s easy to install, it’s easy to use, it shouldn’t take you more than a few hours to get your website marked up properly.  

Man: Okay. Right on. Okay. So these are two SEO plugins that we use regularly, and we would love to hear about any other plugins that you would recommend to us. So if there are any other plugins out there making your life easier as an SEO or a business or an agency that are focused on improving search engine results, rankings for a website, we’d love to hear about it. Give us a holler at @lancemontana.

Grace: Thanks, guys.  

Announcer: Thank you for listening to the “Quickbyte Podcast.” This has been a production of Lance Montana, a digital marketing agency based in Brisbane, Australia. For more great free resources, visit


Show Notes

Topics covered in this podcast:

  • Why you should be sparing with plugins
  • Our favourite plugins for SEO, Yoast and WP SEO Structured Data Schema

Resources mentioned:

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