Four Killer SEO Content Tips From a Copywriter in Brisbane

Four Killer SEO Content Tips from a Copywriter in Brisbane

Ever heard a copywriter from Brisbane utter the words, “Content is King”? Well, at Lance Montana, we disagree a little. The reality is that "great content is king", and anything else could be damaging your brand, and your business.

Well-written, high-quality content is useful in humanising your brand, informing and engaging your customers, and driving relevant traffic to your website. But, what exactly is high quality content when it comes to writing for your website? Well, read on. Lucy, one of our copywriters at Lance Montana in Brisbane shares her 4 top tips for creating killer SEO content for business.

Utilise Keywords and Key Phrases

“First and foremost, companies should use content as a way of humanising the brand and educating customers about what it is that you offer," Lucy, says. "But the key is to structure the content in a way that's going to actually get people to your site - and keep them there."

Whether it be website copy or blog articles, our copywriter from Brisbane recommends that you start the process of creating content by conducting a keyword search as part of your SEO strategy.

Keywords or key phrases are generally words that searchers use to find information online. A keyword search helps determine what your audience is looking for and how many people are searching for it. It is best to choose words and phrases based on relevancy, demand, and also your competition.

"Having a mix of shorter, more common keyphrases and longer, more niche keyphrases can often be a good idea to target, especially for smaller businesses. There's not much point targeting only phrases like "white sneakers" when you're a small shoe store in Brisbane up against the likes of The Iconic and Asos," says Lucy. "Also targeting longer keyphrases that's a little more specific to you, like "white sneakers in Brisbane", or "white comfortable slip-on sneakers" if you specialise in comfort shoes might be more beneficial".

Try using keywords with lower competition to attain top ranking, and local keywords to target your local audience. Our copywriter from Brisbane suggests utilising these keywords in your content, post titles, sub-headings and meta descriptions to improve search rankings. It is definitely important to understand how to write for SEO.


Focus on Readability

When writing for your website, sometimes it is best not to overcomplicate things by keeping it simple. If your content is too complicated and difficult to read, then you run the risk of losing your audience’s interest.

For our copywriter in Brisbane, the readability of your content is not only advantageous for audience engagement but it also important for your search rankings and website traffic. Of course, it is important to have the right balance between writing for SEO and writing content that is easy to read.

"When it comes to writing for SEO, there can sometimes be a fine line between opting for a sentence or phrase that's super optimised, but a little clunky, and one that's slightly less optimised, but reads much better. If in doubt, go the for the version that reads better," Lucy says.

"To improve the readability of your content, trying using shorter sentences with no more than 20 words and break up the content with catchy sub-headings. Google also likes it when you use subheadings that contain your keyphrases."

Another recommendation is to use Yoast SEO. The WordPress plugin checks the lengths of your sentences and paragraphs, as well as your use of the passive voice.


Always Write with a Purpose

According to our copywriter from Brisbane, Lucy, content for the sake of content is a digital marketing trend that should no longer exist. If it is irrelevant to your business or it's never going to resonate with your audience, why share it? In fact, if Google finds your content irrelevant or lacking depth, your could find your website being penalised. Rather than just adding noise, you must ask yourself, what is the purpose of creating this content. Is it to drive sales? Is it to educate your audience on a new product or service? Perhaps it is to show that you are the expert in your industry? Is is to connect with your audience? Whatever your purpose is, that should be your focus when creating content.

“First and foremost, companies should use content as a way of humanising the brand and educating customers about what it is that you offer," Lucy, says. "The key is to structure the content, and write that content, in a way that's going to actually get people to your site and keep them there."

And the best way to keep them there?

"Make sure it's what they came for! It needs to be informative, entertaining, or inspirational."


Always Add Hyperlinks

Using internal and outbound hyperlinks are a great way to improve your content in a variety of ways. Linking to external sites will help increase your digital footprint as well as your authority on the subject matter. Make sure you choose reputable and high-quality websites to improve your credibility. Our copywriter from Brisbane notes that internal links make your content more user-friendly and improve your bounce rate.

"As you write your article, think about what other relevant page or posts you've written on your site you might be able to link to," says Lucy.

Your readers will not have to trawl through your website to find other relevant blog posts, and they will be more inclined to stay on your site longer.


Need Some SEO Content Assistance from a Copywriter in Brisbane?

If you need help creating some killer content for your business, get in touch with the team. Our local copywriters are able to write targeted content that is SEO-friendly and relevant to the local market. Lance Montana offers copywriting, SEO, digital strategy, and so much more.

By Alex Valentine | 1st July, 2019

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