How to Double Your Website Traffic in 2018

How to Double Your Website Traffic in 2018

Do a Thorough SEO Audit

To figure out the most effective way of making sure your website shows up to potential customers in Google, we’d suggest doing a thorough SEO audit. Look at the top SEO ranking factors of 2018, like the amount of keyword-heavy content on your website and how long the average visitor is spending on each page. Analyse your website next to each of these factors to see what needs work this year.

Also, a surefire way of pushing your SEO ranking up a few places is to improve site speed. You can do this by reducing the file size of your website images ( is great), removing redundant plugins and minimising javascript.


Make Your Blog a Priority

As per above, one of the best ways to make sure your website shows up in Google is to create keyword-heavy content. Think about the keywords you want to rank for, and create a blog article that targets the most important. Make sure to include geographical indicators such as ‘Brisbane’ or ‘Australia’ depending on your target market.

Our favourite tools for creating effective keyword lists are Google's Keyword Planner (to find out search volumes of each term) and Ahrefs (to discover what keywords competitors are ranking for) but you could also try tools like Alexa, SEM Rush, Moz or


Create Content Your Customers Actually Want

As well as creating content that hits all of the keywords relevant to your business, it’s just as important to create content your customers will actually want to read/watch/click on. To see which of your content pieces were most popular in 2018, there are multiple plugins you can install to track this easily. If you haven't already, install Google Tag Manager so you can look at detailed website analytics, or ask a web developer to do this for you.

We'd also recommend looking at content trends for 2018 to stay ahead of the curve. Hint: visual content is set to take over this year (think high quality photos and engaging videos)


Rethink Your Social Media Strategy

Social media is an extremely powerful way of increasing website traffic. To do this, get creative about how you can include links to your website in as many posts as possible.

Link your social media accounts from Instagram so you can share one post across multiple platforms for maximum effect. And use a free link shortener like Bitly to make sure these links don’t disrupt the rest of the post. It also doesn't hurt to add those keywords you found as hashtags in each post.


Invest in Pay-Per-Click

If you’re keen to get your website traffic moving ASAP, pay-per-click advertising is the quickest way to do it. It will put your website at the top of Google for the people who you want to see your website. This is why it's important to clarify target audience segments and which pages you want them to see. If you're unsure of how to do this, a digital marketing expert can help.

If you're ready to start writing your ads, read up on articles about Google Adwords best practice. AdWords is an ever-changing beast, so it's important to stay current.


Put Call-to-Actions Front and Centre

Throughout all of your 2018 marketing efforts should be intriguing call-to-actions that draw people to your website.Things like how-to guides on your area of expertise or an inspiring list of resources will get your customers clicking. Then use your email marketing, social media, blog or otherwise to spread the word and get as many people to your website as you can.


Make Sure Your Website is Performing

This might sound like a no-brainer, but it’s important nonetheless. If your website is down when a customer first clicks on it, or it takes more than a few seconds to load, it will be incredibly difficult to get that customer back. Check your links and call-to-actions before you post them to make sure your customers’ website experience is seamless.

Other things to keep on top of are your server and website security. We'd recommend hiring an experienced web developer to keep tabs on these, update plugins and fix broken links when necessary. It'll make a massive difference to how your website performs, and how your customers perceive it.


Want Help Increasing Your Website Traffic?

Our Brisbane SEO experts, web developers and digital marketers can develop a solid plan to see your website traffic trend upwards. As an independent digital agency, Lance Montana can create a customised service package to suit your exact needs. Get in touch with our team to find out more.

By Pav KR | 19th April, 2018

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