Clubhouse App: What You Need to Know About This New Social Platform

Clubhouse App: What You Need to Know About This New Social Platform


So a friend of a friend of a friend has been talking about a new social media platform called Clubhouse. You may have heard, but you are not entirely sure about what it does. Perhaps you have even tried to download it and use it, only to find that you have been waitlisted. That’s because the Clubhouse app has a built a reputation as an exclusive, invite-only platform. However, don’t despair - this could all change very soon!

This social media platform has been hailed “the next big thing” and gained notoriety after tech giants like Elon Musk and Mark Zuckerberg joined and participated in the app. So, what is it, and should you be using it?


What is Clubhouse App?

You might know that TikTok is all about short, viral videos; Instagram is all about amazing images; and Twitter is all about the words. The focus for the Clubhouse App? Audio.

Clubhouse is an iPhone-only and voice-only app that lets you join ‘rooms’ to collaborate and chat to people in real time. Users can either host and join conversations, which can be hopped in and out of at any time. Each ‘room’ has a different focus topic and are often hosted by an expert in the field. You can join a book club, listen to a debate, lecture and even a live performance. The content you find is dependent on who you follow or the interests you select when you first sign up.

What people love about this social media app is that it’s all social and no media. There's no advertising or paid partnerships; the focus is on having great conversations with like-minded people. It’s also all about the power of the human voice. If you want to jump in and share your thoughts on a certain topic, just ‘raise your hand’ and wait for the speaker to invite you to join the discussion. The main rule with Clubhouse? No recording is allowed. The content is also ephemeral meaning nothing gets saved and you won’t be able to play any of the discussion back.

Some interesting stats about the Clubhouse app: launching in March 2020 in the US, Clubhouse only had a small following of 1500 users in May 2020, and was worth $100 million. In less than a year, the number of users has increased significantly from 600,000 active users in December, to 2 million users as of 1 February 2021.


What Can it Be Used For?

Once you’re in the Clubhouse app, you can search and join a variety of discussions. Content and conversations can really be anything, from wellness to business and tech, and even celebrity news. Ultimately, the content you listen to or create yourself is up to you! In each room, you’ll most likely find people who are interested in the same topics as you, and you can follow them. The more topics and people you follow, the more room suggestions you’ll receive.

From a marketing perspective, Clubhouse is an amazing app for establishing yourself as the go-to resource for your area of expertise, whether it’s a certain topic or a product you’re selling. It’s the perfect way to connect with your current customers or potential new customers, get product or service feedback, and even generate awareness around your brand or business. For instance, lawyers from a law firm may choose to use Clubhouse as a way to share information about certain legal matters or even timely legal news.


The Rise of Audio and Social Media

So, with the growing popularity of the Clubhouse app, can we expect to see a rise in audio-based social media apps in the future?

Based on the stats and current trends, it’s very likely.

We already listen to and love our podcasts, another audio-focused form of content. In Australia, podcast listening increased from 27% of the population in 2019 to 32% in 2020. And if international trends are anything to go by, it’s still growing. Globally, the listening average is 41%.

Even other social media platforms are seeing the success of Clubhouse and want throw their hat into the ring.

Facebook has reportedly started working on a similar product to Clubhouse, however, the project is only in its early stages. This news should not come as a shock to many people, as Facebook and its subsidiary, Instagram, is notorious for copying its competitors - Instagram Stories vs Snapchat, Reels vs Tiktok, just to name a few! Instagram, however, just launched its latest feature, Live Rooms, which allows you to go live with up to three people. Instagram says that this new feature will provide more opportunities for creators to reach new audiences, build a bigger brand and engage with their community. However, unlike Clubhouse, this feature is still all about the visual. Last year, the social media platform introduced Badges, a way for users to digitally tip creators. This feature will also remain with Live Rooms.

Facebook/Instagram is not the only social media platform in the race to compete with Clubhouse. Twitter has wasted no time in launching their latest feature, Spaces, a collaborative, audio-based social media platform. One major difference between Twitter’s Spaces and the Clubhouse app is that it’s also available to android users.


Should You Join the Clubhouse App?

In short, yes. But, it’s only possible if you’re invited! Despite other social media platforms developing their own version of the app, Clubhouse is the OG and currently the leader in its space. If you’re a big fan of podcasts, or audio communication that is intimate and doesn’t require a screen or a camera, then this might just be the social platform for you. If you’ve tried Clubhouse, let us know what you think!


By Alex Valentine | 15th March, 2021

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