About Us

What we do

We build brands, identify opportunities, and drive sales. We know we’re different because people tell us so regularly. Other creative businesses tell us they can’t believe how much of our code is custom. Where others build bloated, sluggish websites with off-the-shelf plugins to save time, we create lean websites from the core out, because we know the most important time to be saved is that second or two off our clients’ website page load speed. We research, test and strategise, and treat every budget dollar as if it were our last. Count on us for solid strategic direction underpinned by the confidence and knowledge that comes from having executed thousands of campaigns across TV, radio, print and digital.

Why we do it

Born from agency experiences that focused too much on the cost of service and not enough on the finished product presented to the client, Lance Montana was founded on a vision of independence and the freedom to support each client as they truly deserve. This very real determination to put our clients’ interests first has driven exceptional growth for our business and helped us to carve out a unique identity in a crowded service sector.


Managing Director

As your Account Manager, Laurence will contribute a depth of digital knowledge and traditional media experience. Laurence is a people specialist and a scientific marketer. With a psych degree from UQ and formal statistical analysis training, Laurence brings to the table a rare ability to frame social and behavioural insights with empirical methods. This means sound strategy, based on observation, analysis and testing, with results tracking that feeds back into the loop. As a previous agency-side account manager for national businesses with international brands, Laurence has the experience and unique skill set required to effectively design and manage complex campaigns.


Inbound marketing, search engine optimisation, digital remarketing


Technical Director

Pav is a rare breed of web developer who also understands both principles of design, and sales and marketing strategy. With a prolific command of coding languages for both front and back end development, Pav executes and manages technical solutions across such diverse touch points as; website development, SMS marketing, video encoding, mobile app development, search engine optimisation and digital advertising. Pav’s passions for scaling and automation yields unique opportunities to identify efficiencies and connections in digital campaigns that mean greater reach, more relevant targeting, and higher quality insights analysis.


Lean coding, food

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